The S in SHINE is for self!

SHINEHealth – Start with S

When I named my business SHINEHealth, I knew the “S” stood for self.

Self is a powerful four-letter word. Sometimes we think of it with the same guilty feeling that we do with that other category of four letter words!

For me, I sometimes wonder if I will become self-consumed and forget about everybody else if I focus too much on myself. It feels like I could enter an all-consuming space that I might not ever come out of! Then I remind myself that self is the beginning of health, and that if I serve my body it will serve me back.

Knowing this means that you must become a leader of yourself as the first step in your health journey. I’m not suggesting that you send yourself into a tailspin of redesigning your entire life in one fell swoop of course! There are distinct steps to change and the process unfolds in stages: Precontemplation, Contemplation, Preparation, Action and Maintenance.

Change is a journey and not a destination.

Is there something you been wanting to attain? A health goal that’s been nagging at you for a long time but you haven’t been able to get it mapped out? What if you could get the gears in motion and make yourself a true priority?

What if all the things that you see as obstacles actually started to fit into the puzzle of your health journey perfectly? It all starts with a small action, a decision to start.

Maybe it’s evaluating the distractions, maybe it’s setting a new mark or checking in to see if the previous goal still fits. I invite you to carve out some time for yourself to think about this because you are worth it!


If you need an accountability partner or discussion mate I’m here for you. You can send me a message with your thoughts at or visit me at


We believe your intended life waits for you.

And it is accessed through the door of your health.

ShineHealth provides knowledge-rich coaching, practical nutrition plans and whole food

supplementation based around you and the inherent power of your health.

We apply meaning and purpose to a complex subject. The SHINE model of wellness goes

deeper than diet plans and fads, down to the roots of your unique health needs, desires and

goals. On the other side is your intended life. With your commitment and our coaching, your

health becomes your true wealth.