Get Your Sparkle Back With Summer Cleansing Drinks

So, it’s that time of the year when the summer heat is at an all time high and you’d love nothing better than to stay indoors and put your feet up. Summertime usually means evenings at the beach and sitting outdoors with the family, but it’s also that time of the year when you should pay special attention to your health. On one hand, your skin needs to be extra protected with regular sunscreen application and on the other hand, you should take care to rehydrate yourself every hour or two. And no- sipping a cold fizzy drink or gulping down a chilled beer does not count as hydration!

Water is by far the best liquid you can consume in the hot summer months to keep your body functioning at its optimum, boost your immunity, skin glowing, maintain a healthy weight and even keep your feeling refreshed. This summer however, instead of reaching out for a chilled glass of plain water, how about giving your body extra benefits by sipping summer cleansing drinks instead?


Benefits of Summer Cleansing Drinks

To be honest, I love the fact that there are so many different ways that you can play around with both fruity and herbal ingredients to get a different refreshing flavor each time. There is no one right way or recipe to create your own summer cleansing drinks because each fruit, herb or veggie offers its own bounty of goodness. Secondly, it’s a great way to ensure that your body doesn’t lose out on essential electrolytes and vitamins which are usually lost quickly through sweat. Thirdly, the right combo of ingredients can also help boost your metabolism and help you burn fat faster (and who doesn’t like that?).


My Top 5 Summer Cleansing Drinks


Coconut Water

Filled with the electrolytes your body needs to prevent itself from going into dehydration mode, Mother Nature also added heart boosting properties, antioxidants and multiple other benefits to coconut water just for you. Enjoy at least one glass of fresh coconut water every day.

Lemon and Mint

Keep forgetting to take your Vit C pill everyday? When you add a few wedges of lime to a jug of chilled water, topped with mint for freshness, you give yourself naturally occurring Vit C which is great for you. It’s a natural detoxifier and aids in digestion. Plus, it cools the body too.

Guava & Watermelon

A summer favorite, both these fruits are even yummier in the sweltering heat and taste great together. Watermelon in particular has a high-water content and helps to cool down the body instantly whereas guava has plenty of vitamins. Great way to stay cool from inside.

Cucumber & Lemon

Cucumber doesn’t just taste great in a salad- it tastes even better when used to flavor natural water! Its high-water content keeps the body cool and can also promote healthy weight loss. Plus, you get plenty of Vit C too, with a natural citrusy flavor.

Green Monster

Give your body the ultimate green boost by enjoying a blend of spinach, avocado and kale all of which contain ample chlorophyll and phytochemicals which boost immunity and can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Introducing summer cleansing drinks in your diet is just one easy way to get your daily dose of fruits and veggies. Keen to know how else you can easily make fresh produce a part of your diet? Then just write to me or connect with me on social media to find out more.

5 Mother’s Day Tips For Moms Everywhere

Mother’s Day is just around the corner on May 12. Motherhood is without doubt an important milestone in a woman’s life that changes her life in many ways. Playing the role of a mother is one that requires steadfast commitment to learning, adapting and changing oneself according to the circumstances. While it’s important to ensure that your kids have the best of you at all times, it’s just as crucial to love yourself and to prioritize your well-being too. Here are our 5 tips to follow this Mother’s Day which will help you be the best version of yourself.

Eat Healthy

Junk food is easy to dish up and takes not more than 5 minutes to cook in the oven, but it does nothing for your health other than giving you loads of unhealthy fats and bad carbs. Make the switch to healthy food that’s free from preservatives, sodium laden sauces and additives. You’ll love the glow on your skin and your health will improve too.

Get Physical

Including some form of physical activity in your every day is important for general well-being and keeps you protected from diseases too. Physical exercise can help you in many ways- it builds stronger bones, reduce cancers, help in weight control, improve flexibility and help you live longer. Working out may become difficult as you age, but the benefits are too good to pass up.

Manage Stress

Stress is such a killjoy, it makes even the smallest of tasks seem so tedious and in its extreme forms can even lead to anxiety related disorders and depression. Managing stress day by day becomes easier when you learn small stress management techniques that can help you deal with problems better. This Mother’s Day, wake up to the healing techniques of meditation and yoga.

Enjoy a Social Life

Studies have shown that women who enjoy a healthy social life (and no that does not count sending messages to friends on Facebook) are likely to deal with stress better and lead happier lives. We all need our time away from the family and what better way to spend it than with your girl gang. It’s Mother’s Day and one of the best ways to celebrate is with other women you love. No matter how busy you get, meet up at least once a month or more.

Go for Checkups

Most of us avoid going for regular health checkups because we rarely think that there could be a disease or a serious health concern lurking somewhere in us. Studies show that most of the illnesses and diseases that we face today can be avoided just by going for periodic checkups. Regular blood tests as well as a mammography and a pap smear are a must at least twice a year.

Life has its share of highs and lows and that’s why it’s important to pay attention to your health and well-being every day. Simply put, if you don’t feel good from within, then you will not be able to perform at your optimum be it at work or at home. I’m here to help you ensure that you live life to the fullest not just on one day of the year but every single day. If you think you’re ready to take that first step to wellness this Mother’s Day, then send me an email today and let’s get started.