Define IT!

What is your #1 IT? That elusive thing you’ve always wanted. Does IT come and go in your mind? Do you catch glimpses of IT before IT gets gobbled up by your busy life?

I remember, as a new parent, I just wanted someone to give me a plan and tell me what to do. I wanted to feel in control, trust that I would know what to do, support that new precious life, I wanted vibrant health, and to be empowered as a new mom. 

There was no guide for what I was looking for though. What I found was a complicated web of books, articles and opinions everywhere I searched. Fact or fad, I put stock in it leading to vague fear about my capability to raise my daughter AND keep my identity. Everywhere I turned the plan was different, with a different set of rules and philosophies, and so I adapted, or at least, tried to. My search for a roadmap looked more like a treasure hunt, it was exhausting. 

Then, I found my tribe. A network of people like me, who wanted incredible health, practical, proven solutions instead of fads, and a community to support it all. The desperation faded away and I could trust my natural ability to parent my daughters, three now, and find myself again. I became a mentor to others that needed a hand with their health and family, and began experiencing vibrant health. 

Today, 17 years later, I see a similar pattern in the arena of health and wellness. So many opinions and plans that are touted as being the one correct way to wellbeing.

Are you surrendering your health because the mythologies about nutrition and wellness keep you in analysis paralysis? 

IT doesn’t have to be so complicated.

Get clear on your intentions, no vague anything here! 

Here’s a few SHINE questions to get you started…

What does ideal health would look lIke to you? 

How does it feel to be there? 

What will you be doing that you are not doing now?

What key relationships are going to support you? 

What skills will you need to develop?

If you don’t have a clear vision of where you want to go then how will you get there? Once you define that, find the tools to support you. If you choose a program make sure science shows it works.

Email me your answers to these questions and I’d be happy to share my complimentary assessment with you.