5 Nutrition Brain Health Tips for Parents

Your brain is a garden, the greatest garden you could ever grow. It needs fertilizer, irrigation, pest control, and the weeds (toxic thoughts) need to be replaced with positive ones. The brain is most affected by what you eat. It is the sickest organ in the body, more than the heart.

The fat in the brain gets wear and tear and oxidizes, but the good news is that fruits and veggies protect it with antioxidants!

We need to eat 10 fistfuls per day!

Tips for healthy brains

  1. Help the brain make its own medicine – Eat more fruits, veggies, and seafood. Shakes are a great way to increase the number of plants and you can even pulverize and disguise some too. This is wonderful fertilizer for your garden.
  2. Go outside and play – Movement keeps blood vessels open so that neurotransmitters and personal medicines can be made. This helps the irrigation system of your brain garden.
  3. Smart Supplements – Look for a nutrition label, not supplement facts one. I recommend Juice Plus+ because it is supported by so much science, even SiRi says it’s the most researched nutritional supplement in the world! Kids eat free with an adult through the
    Healthy Starts for Families program.
  4. Cook together – A fun creative outlet that supports a lifetime of healthy habits. Mindfulness is fostered too because you must be patient with cooking, and you enjoy what you create together. This is a great way to grow new tastebuds and kids are more likely to eat what they have a hand in making.
  5. Attitude of gratitude – Enjoy taking turns at the dinner table, or on the way to school, to share something that you are each grateful for. This has been shown to grow the happy center of the brain and helps to clean out the weeds in our garden so that the healthy tissue can grow.

Best of Health!