Power Smoothie Bowl

Smoothie bowls are a great alternative to drinking your breakfast. Sometimes it’s nice to chew your smoothie and it even makes for a great dessert. You can use your imagination with the toppings, as well as use up bits and pieces that you have in your fridge. Make it colorful, beautiful, and fun!

Here’s how to make it!

Base Mix:

1C frozen berries
Frozen banana, peeled
3/4 Cup unsweetened coconut milk
Handful of spinach

*** optional 1 Tbsp nut butter, or ¼ avocado
*** optional Maple syrup or sweetener of your choice to taste
*** optional 1/3C vegan protein powder if desired for extra protein and nutrients

Topping Ideas:
Coconut flakes
Sliced kiwi
Diced apple
Hemp seeds
Flax seeds
Diced pear


Blend base mix ingredients until smooth, pour into 2 bowls.
Top bowls with fruit, nuts, and seeds to your liking