Feeling Low On Energy?  5 Tips To Up Your Energy!

Feeling sluggish? Got the afternoon blahs?  You can control your energy levels and help fuel your body to have the energy you need to face anything that the day brings you.  Your energy levels are directly connected to your everyday choices.  Here are a few tips to help you make the wise decisions to not just live life, but live an ENERGETIC life!

1.  Adopt a Healthy Diet.  What we eat on a regular basis has a huge impact on the amount of energy we have.  Think of your food as fuel that you are filling up to keep your biological engine running.  If you feed your engine the wrong fuel, your engine won’t run well.  Make your focus on whole foods that are unprocessed and in their most natural state.  Take advantage of the warm weather to grow your own garden or extend the growing season to year round with the Tower Garden!

2.  Don’t Skip Meals!  Many people skip breakfast or get busy in the day and skip lunch.  By skipping meals, you are depriving your body of calories when it needs them, and you are more likely to compensate by eating poorly when you are starving later!

3.  Reach For Protein!  Having a solid balance of protein alongside fruits and vegetables helps by giving you enduring energy.  Smoothies, legumes, nuts and veggies are easy sources of protein, and very packable for on the go snacking!

4.  Color Your Diet!  Reach for the colorful fruits and vegetables to help you maintain energy throughout the day.  Fruits and vegetables are naturally full of water and many nutrients that help your body maintain optimal energy.  They are also high in water and fiber, which help you feel full longer.  Whole food nutrition like Juice Plus can help you make sure you are getting the proper nutrition from fruits and vegetables.

 5.  Hydrate! Hydrate!  Hydrate!  In warmer climates, or warmer seasons, dehydration can be a major factor in your energy levels.  Your body will keep itself hydrated by taking water out of circulating blood, thus reducing your blood volume and lowering your energy level.  Stay hydrated to help keep your energy level up!

In our busy world, keeping your energy up is vitally important!  Having sufficient energy is also important to help your body functioning properly long term. Education and good decisions can help you fuel your body both today and tomorrow!