8 Healthy Food Substitutes For You

Eating healthier is a lot easier than you think and if you’ve been wondering if you could swap an ingredient here and there so that your family could enjoy more wholesome food, then you’re definitely not wrong. Sneaking in protein and nutrient dense ingredients can actually enhance the flavor of your dish itself and I think your family will love the extra zing in their food. Here are 8 food substitutes that I highly recommend for your kitchen:

Replace White Flour

White flour on its own does nothing for your health but when you use black bean flour as a healthy food substitute, you give your health a boost. Chock-full of iron, fiber and protein, black bean flour is gluten free and is ideal for weight loss too. Your signature brownies will taste just the same.

Veggie Ribbons For Pasta

Carb lovers can’t do without their pasta fix but what if you could put a little spin on traditional carbonara and make it really healthy too? Squash and zucchini are two veggies that are becoming quite popular as white pasta replacements. They’re easy to cook, are light on the tummy and have plenty of nutrients to offer thus making them affordable food substitutes.

Goodbye Butter

If you love baking sweet treats, then I’ve got a healthier alternative to butter for you- unsweetened applesauce. I bet you never thought that this healthy brown mush could work as a food substitute but it does. Applesauce contains fiber, Vit C , is naturally low fat and has much fewer calories than butter.

Substitute Dairy

Dairy allergies are on the rise in the country and if leaving out dairy from your cupcake recipe seems unthinkable, then I have a yummy food substitute to suggest- almond milk. Low in calories and high on taste, almond milk is a blessing for those who are lactose intolerant. Plus they strengthen bones and are rich in Vit D too.

Say No to Sugar

A daily cuppa without its best mate sugar sounds depressing. But what if you could use a natural flavor enhancer minus the ill effects of sugar crystals? Vietnamese cinnamon or Saigon cinnamon is anti-inflammatory and helps to reduce blood sugar levels naturally, making it one of the best food substitutions you should adopt today.

Substitute Cheese

Again, a wonderful lactose free food substitute which is both vegan is low in calories, sodium-free and sugar-free, nutritional yeast comes in both fortified and unfortified versions. The highlight of these flakes or granules is that it releases a nutty cheese like flavor which enhances any dish that it’s added to.

Reduce Sodium Intake

Food without salt is tasteless but do you know that high intake of salt every day actually stresses the body out, especially the kidneys? A healthy food substitute to consider especially for patients with hypertension, is lemon juice instead. Its tart flavor is also packed with Vit C and acts as a gentle toxin cleanser too.

Healthy Sautéing

Sautéing is one of the best ways to bring out the hidden flavor of veggies and meat, but shallow frying in oil does little for your health. Try using veg broth instead without compromising on the brown flavorful texture as it won’t interfere with your heart health the way oils do. It’s an easy to adopt food substitute for your family.

Food is actually medicine for the body and the right nutrients can help keep a host of illnesses and diseases at bay. Living a healthy life well into your old age is no longer impossible. To find out how to become a healthier version of yourself, get in touch with me through email or by phone today.