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Nutrigenomics And What It Means For You

Food and You

We human beings are walking stories of chromosomes, genes and many intrinsic internal networks that work together in harmony to create our tastes, preferences, likes and dislikes, character traits and personalities as know it. Research is still being conducted into understanding genes and their role in our everyday lives and nutrigenomics which specifically studies how what we eat affects our very genetic makeup is actually a young offshoot of this branch of science.

It’s possible that you may have been following a diet prescribed to you for years and you’ve still not been able to reach your target weight in spite of following it religiously. Or you may have a food allergy to certain types of nuts whereas other variants are absolutely ok. If such ‘food mysteries’ have been puzzling you for some time now, then it’s quite possible that nutrigenomics may be able to point you in the right direction of understanding your body and health better.

What’s Nutrigenomics

It’s an in-depth analysis in order to understand how the food we eat has a direct impact on our genes which in turn decide how we absorb nutrients from the same food. By studying the relation between genes and food closely, the impact of nutrition on biomarkers and diseases can be better understood.

What’s in It For You

  1. You’ll have a better understanding of different food types that actually help your body and those that simply don’t.
  2. It can help uncover hidden intolerances to food components such as gluten, lactose and decode other food allergies.
  3. Everybody’s body is different and undergoing a nutrigenomic profile can help you understand what will help you keep the extra weight off and what food groups may actually be poisonous for you.
  4. Nutrigenomics can help you understand what kind of diet you need to follow and if your body has any particular nutrient vitamin or mineral deficiency. Getting an actual diet that has been tailormade to suit your genes best will give you great results too.
  5. If you’ve always wondered why you crave certain foods all the time, nutrigenomics can help you understand eating patterns a lot better.
  6. Often, you may be the carrier of certain genes which may cause lifestyle diseases like obesity, diabetes, pcod etc and you will be able to learn how what you eat affects cholesterol levels, metabolic rates and sugar levels in the body.

Food is more than just about taste- in fact, it can play a pivotal role in healing illnesses, building immunity and boosting your health, without your having to reach out for prescription medicine. With more research being conducted in nutrigenomics, the day is not far when you can heal your body from within before you even feel the symptoms of a lifestyle disease.

If you’re ready to understand  how what you eat can truly nourish and protect your body, then you are ready to take your first step on a fulfilling journey to total wellness. Fill in the form today and let’s get started on this journey together!