Staying On Track With Wellness When You’re On The Road

It’s vacation season! School is almost over and many will be hitting the roads and the friendly skies to explore new parts of the world! Often people see a vacation or work trip as a “vacation” from their healthy lifestyle. But, I’m here to tell you, that you don’t have to sacrifice your active lifestyle just because you are traveling. In fact, there are a lot of easy, and practical things you can do to help stay active while on the road.

1. BYOG – Bring Your Own Gym: No treadmill? Not a problem. Pack tennis shoes, workout clothes, and lightweight equipment. Resistance bands and yoga mats are just a few lightweight tools you can use to get a great workout in, yet don’t take up too much space or weight in a suitcase. Even if you don’t bring your own equipment, there are many free weight exercises you can do from the comfort of any hotel room. (

2. Plan ahead! Smart snacking and a little planning can help balance blood sugar and energy. Make sure to have building meals and snacks with protein, fiber and whole grains. Some great examples of food on the go are nuts and dried fruit, bags of apples and carrots. Hummus, guacamole and nut butters also come in handy single serve packs that are great for the road. The Juice Plus Complete shakes are a perfect balanced snack and are delicious with just ice water, making it easy for travel.

3. Take Breaks! Long car and plane rides can be rough on your posture and your muscles. If you are flying, take opportunities to get up and stretch your legs a little. If you are driving, stop more frequently than you think you need. When you park at a rest stop, park as far away from the building as possible to get in a few extra steps. Make sure to take advantage of walking paths that many rest stops have surrounding picnic areas.

4. Keep your brain in shape. Taking a few minutes to be mindful and slow your mind can be a huge benefit to counterbalance the hustle and bustle you are often surrounded by while traveling. Reconnect with yourself through a few deep breaths to help get the oxygen flowing and helping you be more mindful. Simply inhale for six counts, hold your breath for two counts, and then exhale for six counts. Try to repeat at least three times throughout the day.

5. Check out your new city on foot! Explore your new surroundings! Take a run through the town you are in. Go for a hike. Consider active recreation activities like surfing, kayaking, or whatever local hobbies are popular there. Take advantage of the fact that you have the opportunity to explore a new city or state!

Whether you travel a couple times a year, or you are jet-setting every week, you can make active steps to stay in shape. Your physical health is so vital to your overall health. Maintaining your physical condition while on a trip shows a commitment to a healthy lifestyle and can help you stay on track with your goals. Get out there and bon voyage!

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