July Self Journeys


Oh the glorious month of July in Colorado! I feel like I’ve waited all year for this time. We can step outside unencumbered by jackets and the evenings linger stretching out our daily July gifts. For me, this is a time to dream and realign with my intentional life. In the absence of false new year pressure to set goals, it’s as if no one is expecting me to do this internal navigation which makes it all the more authentic and personal.

One of the areas that always comes up for me is my intended health journey and getting my daily rituals in check with my vision for the future. It’s easy for the day to get busy and demands to start flying leaving our wellness plan on the back burner until it’s time for bed. We put off our needs until tomorrow, again. One of my favorite quotes is “Run the day or the day runs you”, it’s a reminder for me to accept my power to create my health picture.

What are some areas that tug at you for attention when you get in touch with your inner compass? Here are some actions to take today to get clarity on your wellbeing.

1.      Get a fresh notebook and let your thoughts flow about what you would like your health to look like next July and even further into the future.

2.      Now jot down the obstacles that are holding you back, no judgement here, just get it down.

3.      Write down one step that you can do today to move you closer to this healthy vision of yourself.

This exercise will scratch the surface and get you in momentum toward your intended health journey. This month I’m offering a free half hour session along with my 6 point Health Evaluation that will help you get in touch with your wellness goals and desires. Head over to www.shinehealthllc.com to get started.

Happy Healthy July!


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