No Bake Apple Crumble


Hi, welcome to ShineHealth.

I’m so excited to talk to you about a new topic today call “culinary medicine”.

It’s a really important topic because I think so much of the time we feel like if food is going to be delicious, it can’t be healthy and if it’s nourishing, is it gonna be satisfying.

So, with knowing the fact that eighty percent of all disease is preventable or at least helped through better lifestyle, don’t you think it’s an important place to start with food as medicine.

Today, we’re gonna be talking about doing the dessert flip! And I’m gonna show you how to make a really good dessert called “No Bake Apple Crumble”.

We’re actually goona make it right now together.

Ok, we’re gonna get started with our dessert flip no bake apple crumble.

So I’ve got four apples – these are honey crisp apples and I boiled about a quarter cup of water here so I’m just putting uhm… these apples that I’ve cut into small to medium sized little  uhm…pieces… uhm… that’s from  three of the apples and now I’m gonna cut the fourth one with y9u.

So when I get this going uhm… I’ve got my water boiling just a little bit, just a light boil, and we’re gonna put our apples in there and just cook them down ever so slightly.

We’ve also got in our other pan, I have got this heating up and it looks like it’s going a little bit hot so let me go ahead and turn it down.

And what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna add 2 tablespoons of a plant-based butter which I like to use Earth Balance organic butter it’s made from coconut oil. So I’m gonna put that 2 tablespoons into both my pan that I’m heating up there and my dish that’s got the apples in there.

And then you go ahead and stir and we’re gonna go ahead and let those kind of uhm… shrink down just a little bit. Then we’ll just gonna soften the apple chops and then in here we’ll gonna be making our crumble mixture.

So I’m just cutting out my apple… in really small size pieces. You make these into slices, you can really make them however you like. I definitely recommend leaving the peel on you apple when you cut it because there’s a lot of really important fiber in there and phytonutrients. And you can use whatever apple you like. I do recommend getting organic apples if you can because they’re gonna be higher in nutrients and I think they taste better too!

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